Friday, November 20, 2015

We've given Doorkeeper's event pages a fresh new look, making it much easier to digest the information about an event.

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Less is more

At first glance, the new design looks so much simpler than the previous one you might think we're showing less information. In fact, we're showing all the same stuff as before, just in a more streamlined manner. Gone are excessive lines and labels, and instead we highlight the content of your event itself.

Highlighting your Doorkeeper community

Supporting communities that hold regular events has always been at the core of Doorkeeper. With the new design, we're clearly highlighting your community, and making it even more obvious to people that they can join your community without signing up for an event.

Single vs multiple ticket type events

One area where we've paid particular attention to is the handling of events with a single ticket type vs those with multiple ticket types. With Doorkeeper, we allow you to specify multiple ticket options for an event. While this feature is powerful for power users, many of our events only have a single price (or free). So the new design explicitly optimises for these two different scenarios.

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