Thursday, September 08, 2011

To make the process of creating and announcing an event even easier for you, we introduced the concept of publishing. Newly created events are not published, which means that they are not listed on your public community pages. Once you are ready for the big announcement, you publish it, which also sends email announcements to your community members with the event details and the usual personalized link for easy registration.

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We have also greatly improved our email templates. Announcements sent to your community members now look like this:

New announcement tmpl en fb16a4ced82f00e8fe202c8e41d191147158420c25eef4b7fcec85c9259577ad

Additionally, to make event registrations even easier for people coming to your event registration page through other channels, attendees can now signup using their Facebook account:

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As always, we welcome any feedback by mail at or on twitter via @doorkeeper_app.