With Doorkeeper, you only pay when you sell tickets in advance for your event. We don't charge you anything when you issue free tickets and at the door tickets.

Free Tickets


At The Door Tickets


Prepaid Tickets

¥99 + 2.5%

Doorkeeper lets participants use a credit card to pay online for tickets. The money will go directly to your PayPal account, giving you access to the funds before the event starts. For this functionality, we collect a small transaction fee.

Example of prepaid ticket transaction fees for PayPal
Fee participant pays ¥5,000
Doorkeeper transaction fee -¥224
PayPal transaction fee (3.60% + ¥40) -¥212
After fees you receive ¥4,564
※ Transaction fees vary by country and PayPal account type. These numbers are only to serve as an example.

Events can have any combination of free, at the door, and prepaid tickets.

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